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Hong Kong Company

About Us:
Behind ™ is a team of experts, which specialize in the topic of "offshore company formation" for more than 10 years. In addition, for a company formation in Hong Kong we can also offer offshore companies in Malta, Cyprus, Seychelles, Gibraltar, etc.
We can find the best solution for you, with a simple phone call or personal meeting. It is however not a necessity for us to mention all the backgrounds or ambitions for the establishments of an offshore company, in a few words. We can illustrate the best options available to you.
Contact our German or English speaking Service Office - our team of experts are always up-to-date.

Why Hong Kong?
There many reasons, why you should set up a company in Hong Kong. The most frequent reason of setting up a company in Hong Kong, is the statement of "saving tax" or the related statement that you use to protect your assets with(e.g. from creditors or ex-spouses). You can work anonymously and develop many wealthy entrepreneurs.

We service commercial and private clients. The experts at advise you and then put on the request of a company formation into action. You can also arrange an all-inclusive package. This includes anonymous bank accounts and any required documents, with a manager if desired. An Office is included with the contamination of employees. No requests remain disclosed; we take care of everything - Company formation from A to Z.
You can benefit from our long-standing collaboration with well-known banks, accountants, and lawyers - our network is exposed for your benefit and for the companies abroad.
Company Formation in Hong Kong or any other jurisdiction will have support, with help and advice.

Abroad-generated returns may be in your home country tax labile. We do not offer legal and tax advice. We fully recommend getting solutions from existing tax liability, by a tax advisor or lawyer. All customers are exclusively responsible for the operations of their own companies, for their compliance with appropriate legal and regulatory requirements for implementing and obtaining the necessary license (s). We recommend customers get full advice on all legal issues, obligations and restrictions before they establish their international economic structures.
Earnings can be generated from tax jurisdictions \'may be subject from taxation in your country of residence. We do not provide tax and legal advice. We strongly recommend you to get an independent professional assistance through a preparation by a qualified tax accountant and / or lawyer. All customers are exclusively responsible for their business operation, for complying with any applicable legal and regulatory necessities and for applying and obtaining any required license (s). We recommend customers to get advice on any legal questions, regulatory obligations and restrictions before using an international corporate structure.